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Indochina Expedition is a Cambodian-owned travel service which was started as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) sponsored project. We specialize in touring and guiding services customized to the needs of individuals and groups, including trips to cultural, historical, and natural destinations throughout mainland Southeast Asia. We can provide services in several languages, including English, German, French ,Thai ,Japanese, and Chinese. Let us help you create a personalized travel experience in this fascinating part of the world ! .09% of profits from our company is benefiting to our preceding beneficiaries (Education children and Indochina Expedition funds) living around and in Angkor archeological site.



Through the years, we have gained much experiences in the Tourism of Cambodia. The team of qualified professional with a wide range of tourism knowledge and experience of , a beautiful destination had a rich history, unique cultures of Indochina and an amazing diversity of both people and landscapes in the Conner of world, especially in Indochina
Indochina-Expedition is strives to make itself the ultimate online travel superstore with the wide selection and best prices. Our current products include special package tour, multiple language speaking tour guide, transportation and hotel reservation. We guarantee that you will enjoyable our premier quality services.
We always believe that we are not only showing the places of Archaeological parks to our value customers, but actually extending our knowledge of different Indochina cultures to our customers. The development of the understanding and acceptance of the Indochina history and Adventure ,Cycling, Native bird watching ,Treking , Jeep Adventure , Camping all different Indochina cultures on the planet earth will, in our eyes, allow us to live in peace and harmony. We strongly urge anyone and everyone to come forward and experience the differences of our services compared to other travel Company. We are very sure that we will not only open up your eyes to these histories, cultures and Adventure & Other experiences but also your heart to them.

Indochina-Expedition means "Total Business to Business (B to B) & B to customer (C) Satisfaction. We view every all as BB or BC for life. We work diligently to make sure your BC booking experience is the smoothest, most pleasurable and purchase possible.