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Our charity project was initiated in 20011 by our staff to support Cambodian children in order to help give them a better future. A percentage (05%) of all customer purchases from Indochina Expedition is donated to the Spitler school foundation & child safe international we sponsor. We also donate stationary supplies and bags of rice totaling 100Kg a month to the school




More than 1/4 of Cambodian people live below the poverty line, and they struggle to survive on less than $1.00 per day. This poverty is pervasive in rural areas, and it especially affects children, who make up more than half of the country's population. Health care for children in Cambodia is substandard, and about 50,000 children under the age 5 years still die every year. There are many reasons for this: disease, malnutrition, living in unhygienic conditions, accidents, drowning, etc. Also, because they are not vaccinated, many children suffer from diarrhea, and respiratory infections. In addition, poverty effects children’s schooling because the parents cannot afford the tuition, and because of child labor. This increases their vulnerability as street children, subject to exploitation, drug and alcohol abuse, and sexual abuse.




Every child needs to receive the best care so they can grow up healthy and happy in a loving family. This will brighten their future, as well as help a developing country like Cambodia. The aim of our support is to provide better living conditions for the children of our country, and therefore improve their future. For this, children must receive the basic necessities of life. Our focus on children is as follows: Food, Health Care, Education, and Encouragement & Inspiration.
-      Food: 
We now provide rice to the Spitler School Foundation every month with the aim of giving the children an amount of rice. The local government only offers US$1.00 per person per day for three meals which is not enough.
-     Health Care: 
To get health care in Cambodia, the patient must pay before being treated. Indochina Expedition will always bring sick children for medical treatment, and settle the payment to our own account. We care for our children like our mother cared for us. 
-      Education: 
We donate stationary supplies and school uniforms to the most of Spitler School Foundation twice a year.
-     Encouragement & Inspiration

We advise all kids not to work as child laborers. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of child labor in Cambodia. We encourage the kids to stay away from destructive behavior, because it will effect to their study and theirhhhe future lives. We encourage them to stay in school, and to study hard, and to emulate positive behavior. This is so they can have a better future and be contributing members of society. 

Our donations are made to the Spitler School Foundation Slor kram  located in Phum Slor kram   Khum Svay Dangkhum, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
If you would like more information, or if you would like to make a donation, please contact us at:  
hotline : +855 12 68 25 76 or 16 6825 76 & 69 68 73 85
E-mail: charity@indochinaexpedition.net