Clean Water & Sanitation


Water & Sanitation



1. To provide clean water and sanitation education in some remote area Prasat Bakhong districts Siem Reap and Pailin city; to purchase drilling machines and provide wells and ponds to communities without access to clean water.

Indochina Expedition( IE )currently works to improve the water and sanitation of the Prasat Bakhong districts in two ways. The first is to provide wells and ponds so to ensure communities have a local, clean and safe water source. This is particularly important during the dry season when many water sources dry up and communities are forced to get their water supplies from unsanitary sources. This also ensures that the livelihoods of a community are not damaged, as there is sufficient water to protect crops and animals.
Another positive effect of these wells and ponds is that children no longer have to walk for long distances to get water. This enables them to attend school and has numerous health benefits; their growth amongst other things is greatly improved as they no longer have to walk for many kilometers with a heavy load.

 In conjunction with this scheme,Indochina Expedition( IE) also provides education for communities regarding water and sanitation in order to reduce the spread of water born diseases. 

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