Set as a perfect picture near the base of the Elephant Mountains on the Kampong Bay River, Kampot province is quite a different character than the most touristic cities. Very few tourists, quiet lanes, classic French colonial and Chinese architecture, Kampot is a charming and welcoming city. There is an ambience of a small town.
Visitors come to Kampot for a taste of provincial of Cambodia. With its relaxing atmosphere, the city of Kampot is used as a base or a stepping stone to the Bokor hill Station, the beaches and islands of Kep and the rest of southeastern Cambodia.

At the end of the afternoon, you can see the sunset on the river or the Elephant Mountains while sipping a fresh drink.

Kampot town offers also several volunteer opportunities with NGOs and other charitable organizations both short and long term doing things such as teaching English, assistance with children and disabled people, reconstruction projects, etc…
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