Mondulkiri province

Mondulkiri is located in the East of Cambodia. This region is constituted of high hills with a vast wildlife land. The landscape is a mixture of green pine trees, grassy hills and valleys, windswept fading in the forest of green jade, streams and waterfalls. Wild animals such as bears and tigers are more numerous here then elsewhere, although the chance of seeing them is almost impossible. It can get very cold at night from about an altitude of 700m.

Today, the region is still home to the group of hardy people, especially the Phnorng and their noble elephants. Approximately half the population is from this ethnic minority, the other half is composed of much of the rest of others ethnics groups. It is possible to visit traditional villages of these peoples of hills and learn to be a mahout.

Mondulkiri province is the lowest density in the country with only two peoples per sq km. But, there has been an influx of migrant in recent years, drawn to the abundant land and benign climate. Fruit and vegetable, plantations are popping up, but hunting remains the profession of choice for many minorities.

Ecologists have big projects for the province, creating a sanctuary for wildlife, initiate activities for sustainable tourism...