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The 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge is a string of super deluxe canvas tents floating on wooden platforms on a remote river in Cambodia's wild, jungle-clad western province of Koh Kong.

4 hours by road from Phnom Penh, but less than half an hour from the Thai border crossing at Koh Kong/Hat Lek, and from there an hour to Trat, the 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge is remote but accessible. The final short part of the journey is by boat along the pristine Tatai River. Indeed the drive from Phnom Penh or Cambodia's beach resort town of Sihanoukville passes through some of Cambodia's most beautiful natural environments - a road that cuts straight through jungle with dramatic views of the CardomomMountains to the north.


Banlung City is the provincial capital of Ratanakiri Province in Cambodia's mountainous northeastern corner. Heavily jungled and home to 12 different 'Khmer Loeu' ethnic minority groups, Ratanakiri province has a real edge-of-the-world feel to it. Most visitors to Ratanakiri base themselves in Banlung City from where they make excursions/treks to Khmer Loeu villages and jungle areas, waterfalls, gem mines, and Ratanakiri's famous Yeak Laom volcanic lake. The city of Banlung is fairly small but offers some interesting shopping and a few decent hotels.


Neutralize Your Air Travel Global Warming is an issue that concerns us all.
With more people flying more often, travelers around the world must take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment.

If you are committed to environmentally responsible travel, like we are at Indochina Cycling Services, we strongly encourage you to offset your carbon emissions that result when you fly.
When you book your trip with us, we will include the cost to offset one tone of carbon toward your carbon emissions while traveling.

We have engaged respected carbon neutral service provider Climate Friendly for this purpose who calculate emissions based on factors from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Air travel emissions, in particular, are complex calculations and values vary between providers. We believe that Climate Friendly's methodology is the most accurate available and reflects the current scientific consensus.

The integrity and quality of Climate Friendly’s service has attracted a host of progressive companies, government bodies and leading environment groups from all across the world, including WWF internationally, Indochina countries Conservation Foundation, Tim Flannery and Greenpeace.

Your one tone offset goes to Climate Friendly who support renewable energy projects like wind and solar energy that directly address the root cause of global warming through immediately replacing fossil fuels with clean energy production.

So you can be assured that when you choose to participate in our offset program you’re accelerating the transition to a clean energy future and contributing to the long-term solutions of climate change.